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31 December 2013 @ 03:04 am
2013! <3  
I've finally started a yearly meme on time!
Let's see how long I can keep this updated. My goal (no, it's not as intense as a resolution, but pretty darn close) is to update at least once a week--that is if there is anything to add on.
I've always wanted to do one of these so let's see how I do :D As I type this out I know there will be changes (mostly table designs) but all that matters is that I keep this going until 2014! I also thought about adding a music section but idk...that seems complicated because I go through music like crazy or sometimes I just listen to the same song or playlist over and over. Perhaps later on I'll add in some noteworthy songs or albums. Who knows! I sure don't ;)

Enough of this babbling!

Side Note(s):
Anything that has an asterisk (*) next to it means I've either watched or read it already.

Jan. 1st*, BluRay Jan. 2nd, DVD Jan. 4th, Theater Jan. 8th*, Theater Jan. 15th*, BluRay
Jan. 26th, Theater Feb. 1st, HBO.Go Feb. 2nd, YouTube Feb. 18, HBO.Go Feb. 19, Netflix
Feb. 26th, Theater Mar. 5th, Theater Mar. 9th, DVD Mar. 24th, Theater Mar. 24th, BluRay
May 11th, Theater May 15th, Theater May 18th*, Theater May 21st*, Theater May 25th, Theater
May 25th, HBO.Go May 27th*, BluRay May 27th, DVD May 28th* ♥ x4, Theater May 31st*, DVD
June 3rd, HBO.Go June 8th*, HBO.Go June 10th*, Theater June 19th, Theater June 23rd, Theater
July 6th, Theater July 7th*, Theater July 29th, Encore Aug. 4th*, Theater Aug. 9th, OnDemand
Aug. 10th, Encore Aug. 11th, DVD Aug.12*, DVDcommentary

Dec 2012 -- Jan. 4th Jan. 6th -- Jan. 23rd* Jan. 24th -- Feb. 4th* Feb. 5th -- Feb. 14th Feb. 6th (finished, too)
Feb. 15th -- July 4th* Mar. 16th --* hiatus June 23rd -- June 28th July 5th -- July 28th* July 14th (finished, too)
July 15th -- July 17th July 29th (finished, too) July 30th (finished, too) July 31st -- Aug. 2nd Aug. 3rd -- Aug. 7th
Aug. 8th -- Aug. 12th Aug. 14th -- Aug. 15th Aug. 15th --

Mar. 1st ♥ ♥ ♥ Mar. 5th--6th, HBO.Go Mar. 7th, Netflix ♥ Mar. 8th, Netflix ♥

&thanks to Google Images for being so handy ;)
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